Geometry Teaching Clock

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šŸ•‘ Geometry Teaching Clock for Kids - This toddler clock comes with 12 detachable wooden blocks that are of safe material, non-toxic, smooth child-safe paint, colorful, and round-headed for the child's safety. Children can place the wooden blocks on slots according to their time and shape to teach kids the concept of time. šŸ•‘ Educational Practice Clock for Kids - The Numbers are engraved on the educational clock, and the hour hand on the clock will turn slowly along with the clockwise rotation of the minute hand. In this way, Children can understand the principle of time rotation and the irreversibility of time. šŸ•‘ Multiple Ways of Play - not only can children sort the shapes by matching the number of the clock, but they can also match cute animal patterns on wooden blocks to complete puzzles. Parents can choose a time for their children to complete the turn of the hour hand and learn the time-based concept through personal interaction.