Cube Puzzle Fidget Spinner

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The process of solving puzzles is important for kids/teen. Solving cubes allow them to develop problem-solving skills, improve their memorizing ability and also unleash their potential! Speed Cubes accessories like cubing timer are definitely the best gift for Kids/Teens on Children’s Day and Christmas. Are you stressed and finding a way to release stress? You have come to the right place! A Fidget Spinner Cube is great to fidgeters who suffer from ADHD, anxiety and also bipolar. Just play and be happy anytime! COOL!!! As it is a combination of speed cube and fidget spinner, instead of simply turning the puzzle and solve it, you can also spin it as a fidget spinner! AWESOME!!! This Qiyi 1x3x3 Fidget Spinner is not a standard speed cube. This 1x3x3 fidget puzzle is featured with both Fidget Spinners and Speed Cubes. It can definitely help you to relieve stress everywhere, as it is small and portable.