Coconut + Bone Bead Statement Necklace. Fair Trade - Brown Leather

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Materials: Coconut, Bone, Wood + Brass Beads
Soft Deer Tan Leather sourced from KY
Fair Trade Sourced Beads.
Handmade in Tennessee


How do we practice fair trade? We pride ourselves in conducting business in a manner that is beneficial to all involved. This means paying a fair price for the beads we buy and purchasing from many different co-ops, vendors and craftspeople. By providing a market for the wonderful beads of the artisans of the world we

The Basics of African Beads
The term African Beads is used to refer to both beads locally produced by indigenous people of the African continent as well as Trade Beads that have traveled from other parts of the world. Together these beads have played an enormous role in the culture, fashion, economy, and artistic expression of the African people. Today, they are cherished by collectors, jewelry makers, and everyday people who just love wearing African beads! African tribal beads and glass beads also hold a special mythical significance as well.