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The biggest takeaway from the physical store was the appreciation of the carefully curated products we brought in. We lost count of how many conversations we had with customers over the unique finds and items they had never seen before. This was something we threw around concepts for but couldn't manage the logistics of adding a major e-commerce portion at the same time. Now that we've taken a step back we're ready to plunge forward and offer Mystery Boxes by The Three Little Men.

 There will be a different theme of box with each new release. The fun of it is that's all you know, the theme. What's in the box?..... order to find out

Each new release will bring you a hint at what the box contains. One component will always be a personal note as to why the products were chosen, the significance, and information on the small business they come from. *All boxes will list appropriate ages, any allergy concerns, etc. 

These make great gifts and specialized messages can be included. 

This isn't a subscription service so you can order only themes that pique your interest or you know would be perfect for a friend or loved one. 


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