Cheers to 5 Months

Cheers to 5 Months

 Weekly Store Update

Here’s to 5 months, a whole lot of trial and error, new product lines and of course amazing customers and conversations. It was certainly a risk opening a new store in a city not well known for its shopping opportunities; but we wanted to give Lake City something it had never seen or been offered before. Our plans for the future are never ending and we strive to make The Three Little Men a destination and different experience each and every time old and new customers visit.

Cheers! Cling Cling

Wait…Is that a Baby Grand Piano?

It certainly is! She arrived on Sept 2nd.  I stumbled across this beauty on Facebook Marketplace late one night when I couldn’t sleep. It was the only piece left from an estate in Little Canada and was being given away if you could move it before the house closed for the new owners. Having played my entire life I thought, “what an amazing and unique addition this would be to the store.” Admittedly I know little about the mechanics of a piano, let alone one from 1927. She needs some TLC but the plan is to have her tuned/repaired and ready for Christmas carols, ambiance and maybe even an evening wine tasting or two. The piano really fits into our desire to just do things differently and be surprisingly unique.

 Fudge for Fall…

Fall Fudge

The summertime heat made it very difficult to get fudge and keep its integrity both in shipping and for customers. We made the decision the end of June to postpone fudge until the weather changed. Customers started asking for it again in the last few weeks and we are happy to report we are expecting a shipment this week. Watch for some unique fall flavors as well as traditional ones.

We are Mid-Painting Project

You may have noticed a change in the exterior. We began the tedious task of beautifying the exterior entrance of our store. We are also tying in the next-door space as well as the apartment entrance. This is including some needed repairs. We’ve gotten about halfway through and hope to complete the project before the weather no longer cooperates.

School Started for two of the Little Men

Two of the Little Men First Day of School 2021

You’ll likely notice the store is a little quieter as of late. With the two older “little men” back at school the littlest man has been enjoying one on one time with mom at home. Not to worry, the little salesmen will be at the store some weekends and evenings to show you all their favorite things. But if you’re looking to escape the chaos of your own children, I wanted to pass along it’s likely pretty serene at the store.

Mommy's Little Helper

Until Next Time

The Three Little Men

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