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  L.O.V.E. (Leaders of Valued Equality) is a non-profit organization that will focus on fostering a supportive environment for rural, LGBTQIA+ youth. L.O.V.E. will advocate for the connection of LGBTQIA+ individuals, and their caregivers, within the local community while providing helpful resources, organizing local events, and promoting a loving atmosphere built on a foundation of equality and respect. The Three Little Men is proud to support L.O.V.E. and everything this organization stands for. These last few weeks have been spent putting some of the final details together for the 1st annual charity Drag Show.  From the beginning we have stood...

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  Here’s to 5 months, a whole lot of trial and error, new product lines and of course amazing customers and conversations. It was certainly a risk opening a new store in a city not well known for its shopping opportunities; but we wanted to give Lake City something it had never seen or been offered before. Our plans for the future are never ending and we strive to make The Three Little Men a destination and different experience each and every time old and new customers visit. Wait…Is that a Baby Grand Piano? It certainly is! She arrived on...

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