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  Somewhere along the lines, I heard a joke that went something like "If you enjoy a clean house, children are not for you" It went on to give stellar examples of sticky messes, toys in every room of the house, mystery substances and destroyed furniture. I thought back to my childhood, where I think we all believe we were far better behaved than reality. This was pre-children mind you, where I went....Nah....this must relate to "those" parents, "If I ever have children, they will follow the rules".  As is turned out, the Joke is solidly on me. Chore charts,...

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  Our three boys are being raised as "gentlemen" as far as the societal notion of that term is considered. Our family unit doesn't push gender roles and stereotypes; and, as parents we teach inclusiveness and acceptance of everyone.  The concept of "The Three Little Men" is completed derived from the interests and personalities of our little men. The oldest is infatuated with unicorns, glitter, and anything pink. The middle child is our own little T-Rex that wishes he was Lightning McQueen and the youngest is a spitfire all his own. From clothing designs, to homegoods to recipes and more,...

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  Once upon a time, there were three little men.  Along with those little men was their mom and dad and two naughty kitties. They all lived together in a great purple house, in the far away land of Minnesota. Mom was a designer, politician and cook. Dad was a firefighter, Realtor, hockey player and snowboarder. Together they lived happily, although the little men would sometimes fight. Mom and dad loved each other very much. The little men each have their own favorite things. Mom and dad want the little men to be themselves and not let others tell them...

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